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Love your skin


Natural is the future of skincare and life as we know it.

Lets face it. Many cosmetics are bad for your skin. We use only natural ingredients and still provide consistently great results.


All of our bottles and jars are glass. Not only is each bottle and jar sustainable but you can also return them to us .


We stand firm in the belief that natural ingredients are key in producing toxin-free high quality products.

Buy NZ Made

We wear this logo with pride and wouldn't have it any other way.

What our customers have to say

BODY BUTTER - I absolutely love this product. My skin can be temperamental at the best of the time, but this has really calmed it down. I am absolutely in love with the creaminess & texture of the product.


LIP SCRUB - Great product smells and tastes good if some falls in your mouth HAHA feels lips feeling great and my lippy glides on on smooth after do this every morning GRAB IT GUYS


FACE CLEANSER - I love the texture of it and it really gives you a chance to massage it into your skin. a little greasy to start with but it soaked in quickly leaving your skin feeling silky and soft and very hydrated.


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